You may be worried about how this pandemic will affect the finances of your funeral home and what steps you should be taking to address the business impact of COVID-19. Dan Isard of The Foresight Companies discussed these steps in a conversation with OGR on Tuesday, March 31. He shared what funeral directors need to know now to make the best business decisions during this time of economic uncertainty.

The round table included a discussion of the following:

  1. Conserving cash during the COVID-19 pandemic (Hint: It has to do with the bills you usually pay)
  2. Prepare to borrow money, possibly through the SBA’s Economic Injury Disaster Loan Program
  3. Steps to take to protect your staff financially
  4. Getting the right messaging out to your families and community
  5. How the way you handle funeral services today will impact your services in the future
Listen to a recording of the conversation above and download the handout Coping with Insight.

Dan Isard of the Foresight Companies is a recognized authority in advising funeral home owners how to handle all aspects of their operations. The financial and business management consulting he has provided over the years has enabled funeral service professionals to reap well-deserved rewards while enhancing their ability to deliver quality services to their communities. Visit the Foresight Co.’s blog for more business information.