This month, we’ll be featuring a few of the men and women who will be facilitating education sessions at OGR’s 2020 Annual Conference & Solution Center in Asheville, NC at the Omni Grove Park Inn. Want to create events at your funeral home with purpose? Check out the session below.

Session Description:
Creating Events that Will Get You Noticed & Lead to Free, Positive Publicity          
Tues., April 21 | 2:40-3:30 PM| 1 CE
Get fired up and get ready to learn how to draw more families to your funeral home. Discover how crafting a compelling pitch to get media attention will save thousands of dollars on advertising and help your funeral home receive positive and free publicity. You will be equipped to:

  • Develop community programs with the end result in mind,
  • Create a publicity plan that gets results,
  • Learn to handle print, television, and radio appearances like a pro, and
  • Gain lasting impact following your event.

We sat down with Nancy Weil, the facilitator for this session, to learn a little more about her.

Name: Nancy Weil

Organization: International Order of the Golden Rule

Position: Director of Member Resources

What I hope people will learn from my session: “Most funeral homes have a small marketing budget but do not know how to create events that will get their funeral home free media attention. By understanding how to pitch an event and timing it correctly with news cycles, funeral homes can generate thousands of dollars of free publicity that will last long after their event is over. Best of all, participants in y session will receive media training notes so they will feel confident preparing for and being interviewed for TV, print or radio. I have used the techniques I will be teaching for years, and they work!”

A fun fact about me: “My fingers are in the wrong place. Attend this program and I will show you!”

By Jessica S. Riddlesperger, CMP
OGR Asssistant Executive Director

Interested in participating in this session? Click here to learn more or to see all the education for the 2020 Annual Conference & Solution Center. Questions? Email