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“I wish we made a video presentation using photos, but the funeral home didn’t offer this service.”  ~ This comment was taken directly from a survey received through OGR’s consumer feedback program, The Family Contact Program. 

Family Contact participants often receive comments that help them improve their business offerings and practices. Through the blog series “Exploring Solutions with Family Contact,” members get better insight into services that might benefit their funeral homes.

With the increase in people’s ability to capture memorable moments through pictures and videos, creating tribute videos for funeral services has become almost mandatory.

Everyone carries a portable camera nowadays through their cell phones, and social media outlets make it more tempting than ever to document as many moments as possible. One thing that hasn’t changed, however, is the comfort people get from looking at past photos and videos when a loved one passes away. People feel a sense of connection through these mementos, which is why well-made tribute videos have become such a necessity during funeral services. In this week’s blog, OGR will explore peoples’ desire for meaningful tribute videos and what this trend means for funeral homes. 

Hear it From an Expert…

OGR asked Bruce Felt of Memories by Design (a company that creates tribute videos for families and funeral homes) to provide some insight into the rise in popularity of tribute videos at funeral services.

8.9.17 Tribute Videos (2)Why is creating a tribute video for the funeral service important for families? What do they get out of it?

  • A Way to Honor the Deceased – “Tribute videos offer a chance for a large group to share the life of the passed loved one in the same setting, experiencing the emotions of the images and music together,” says Bruce, “These videos honor loved ones who made a difference in the world around them, helping families through the mourning and grieving process.” Families often look for more tangible ways to honor the deceased, and videos help contribute to that process. “There’s no doubt that images and video clips will be used more and more. Incorporating them into a tribute video can be turnkey and done tastefully,” comments Bruce.
  • Reflection of a Loved One’s Life– Bruce shares, “Family photos and home videos help families reflect on the loved one’s life and recall fond memories of the people, places, and events that shaped his/her life.” People take more and more videos and photos due to the convenience and increase of technology in their lives. With such ample material, creating a beautiful tribute video helps share the story of a loved one’s life.
  • A Lasting Keepsake – “There’s a misnomer out there that tribute videos are done just for the funeral service, and sometimes they are produced that way.  However, when produced well, these tribute videos capture a life well-lived, preserving a legacy for future generations,” comments Bruce, “These videos can be played at holidays, anniversaries and on other occasions so folks can look back and remember their loved ones, making sure they are not forgotten.” A tribute video is something tangible that families can look back on and when done well, can be used for years to come.

8.9.17 Tribute Videos (3)What is the benefit for funeral homes to offer tribute videos at funeral services?  

  • A Reflection of the Funeral Home’s Professionalism – According to Bruce, “Funeral homes have an opportunity to create a lasting family treasure when the tribute video is personal and well-produced. Due to the wide range of video services available, the level of quality and expectations continues to be just as broad; families want a more personal and customized version that is more reflective of their loved one.”
  • Extend Your Brand – “You have an opportunity to extend your brand and reputation through a valuable family heirloom that carries your name long after the funeral service has taken place. This can also differentiate you from your competitors,” says Bruce.   

How to Get Started

There are many ways to begin offering tribute video services in your funeral home. Two popular options are to do-it-yourself (DIY) or hire a professional service.8.9.17 Tribute Videos (4)

  • DIY Tribute Video— Some funeral home owners purchase software and do their own in-house tribute videos. If you are up to the task, here are some helpful tips and resources:
    • Video Editor– There are several sites that offer free video editing tools like the Youtube Video Editor. Many computer systems already come with basic video editors such as Windows Movie Maker and Apple’s iMovie. To find more suggestions for free video editing software, go here.
    • Music – You can purchase low-priced licenses for music tracks to use in your videos off sites like Epidemic Sound. You can also use royalty free music through sites such as the Youtube Audio Library  (Gmail login required). Click here for more info.
    • Picture and Clips – Gather high-quality photos and video clips from families.
    • Captions – Try to use captions to give the time, place, people and occasion of the photos or to share something about the deceased.

Alternatively, if you rather not DIY, you can hire a tribute video service like Memories by Design that provides a fully managed service using professional resources.

MBD LogoYou can contact Bruce Felt at Memories By Design at (800) 223-3050 for more information or visit their website at www.memoriesbydesign.com. Be sure to mention you’re an OGR member if you would like to receive the OGR member discount.

ShutterBug Headshots Austin TXBy Denise Rodriguez
Family Contact Program Manager

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