For nearly 90 years, the Order of the Golden Rule (OGR) has embarked on a mission to seek out and identify outstanding funeral homes around the world. Our members are independent, locally owned and operated firms dedicated to providing exceptional service to their client families. We call them Golden Rule Funeral Homes.

Not just any firm can join OGR. Those seeking membership go through a carefully developed screening process to assure both OGR and the public that member firms are of the highest quality.

To be a part of this prestigious group means a firm has distinguished itself in the following ways:

 1. Excellence in Service

Golden Rule funeral homes have built and maintained sound reputations in their communities for generations. They go above and beyond expectations of a traditional funeral home, and families should expect to receive from them the highest standard of quality and care.

The funeral or memorial service a family holds is a tribute to their loved one, and the staff at a Golden Rule Funeral Home recognizes and respects this choice as one of individual expression. They are willing to work with families in regards to their beliefs and personal preferences.

See below for comments from families Golden Rule Funeral Homes have served who’ve experienced excellence in service.

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2. Ethical Conduct and Practices

Golden Rule funeral homes make a commitment to adhere to a strict set of ethical standards. Guided by the “Golden Rule”, staff act with integrity and are forthright in their communication. Families know they can trust an OGR firm to be open and transparent with them. They can be sure that the information they receive is accurate and honest. Golden Rule funeral homes don’t seek to capitalize on grief. Instead, they strive to inform families of the importance and value of funerals.

Here are a few more examples of how Golden Rule Funeral Homes work with families in an ethical manner.

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3. Dependable and Professional

Golden Rule funeral homes deliver on their commitments. Whether it is the simple promise of a call back or tracking down a specialty product, professional staff follow through on tasks and keep their word. Families can depend on them for the support and assistance they need in making final arrangements for their loved one. All those who walk through the door are treated with compassion and the utmost respect.

See some more comments on funeral homes who demonstrate being dependable and professional.

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What it means to be a Golden Rule funeral home is something special. Do you know of a funeral home in your community that follows the Golden Rule and deserves to be honored and recognized?

By Diane Durbin
OGR Membership Manager