Last year, we talked about how Golden Rule funeral homes observed Veterans Day.

This year, we will present you with some ideas on how you can honor veterans this November!

1.Make a gesture to show gratitude and support


Host a brunch for the community. Be sure to recognize any veterans employed in the funeral home, as well as those living in the community. Here are some easy brunch recipes to help you decide what to serve. 


Raise a flag over your funeral home this Veterans Day, November 11. Make sure to comply with the U.S. flag code.

2.Give little gifts to your community


Send a small commemorative item, such as a little flag or pin, to the veterans in your community. Attach a personalized message expressing your gratitude for their service and sacrifice. Contact OGR Member Concierge Maureen Hayes to order a flag pin for your firm.


Leave a basket of flowers in front of your home, encouraging passerby to take one. Be sure to choose the right flower. Red poppies are traditionally worn to honor veterans on Memorial Day, but not Veterans Day. This website explains why, and provides answers to other frequently asked questions about Veterans day. You may want to use the ‘Veteran’s Honor’ Hybrid Tea Rose as your flower of choice, instead. Attach a sign or message to the flower acknowledging Veterans Day.

Encourage those who take a flower to donate to a veteran-related charity. Charity Watch is an organization that reviews charity organizations. You can find a list of their top-rated charities here. To view veteran-related charities, choose the ‘veterans & military’ category.

3.Celebrate with your employees

Encourage your employees to celebrate Veterans Day. Make it a team activity! Perhaps everyone can go to a Veterans Day event together. This website lists Veterans Day parade locations in each state. Choose your state from the list provided to find a parade near you.


You may also prompt your employees to write a letter of gratitude to a veteran. You can send your letters via Operation Gratitude, an organization that sends care packages to vets. Here are guidelines and suggestions about writing letters to veterans.

There are many ways to celebrate Veterans Day not included in this list. Making any gesture in support of veterans is much more important than the details of how you do it. We hope these guidelines will help you decide how to show support for our country’s heroes. Share below what you’re doing at your funeral home!

By Rachana Gadi,
OGR Social Media & Research Intern