Dealing with human resource problems are frustrating and challenging for all involved… including myself!  At the Foresight Companies, I am frequently asked to provide advice on dealing with employee issues in funeral businesses.  At some point in our conversation, I ask the funeral service professional, “What’s your HR Strategy?”  Most frequently they answer “Strategy?  What strategy?”

Even though I have heard this numerous times, I am still surprised.  Maybe it is because many people don’t seem to understand that a strategy is simply a plan to accomplish an objective or goal.  Isn’t having a plan on how to deal with the various human resource issues that arise at any funeral home smart thinking?

Let’s consider some of the issues that you can develop a plan for as part of your overall HR strategy:


My employee is not meeting my expectations. What can I do?

HR Strategy Tip: Create an employee mentoring or development plan. This is not a complicated manual.  It is simply a two-page document that outlines where the employee is falling short in performance, ways you believe he/she can improve performance, and a timeline for meeting expectations.  This can be a pre-formatted form that can be used for an employee in any position.


I have an employee who is resigning. What do I do next?

HR Strategy Tip: Develop an outline that illustrates the standard process for searching for new employees. Maintain up-to-date job descriptions, which provide an excellent foundation for drafting a job posting.  Items such as these allow a manager to pass the task to an assistant manager or office manager to allow for a more efficient allocation of employee resources.

Human resource strategies don’t have to be complicated and overwhelming. Using these two tips as part of your HR strategy can save you time and money.

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By Stephanie Ramsey
The Foresight Companies