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Burned Out? 4 Steps toward Refueling

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Guest post from Matt Soderstrum
(This post originally appeared at Reposted with his permission.)

3-29 Soderstrum RefuelAwhile ago, I was meeting with George (made up name). George came to me struggling with hope and purpose. He was unhappy in his job. He was having trouble sleeping. He had lost all sense of joy in his life. Frankly, George was frustrated with the direction of he was going. He felt he had more to offer the world than what he was currently doing.

After visiting with George and asking lots of questions, we came to the conclusion that one of the main reasons George was frustrated was due to him not taking care of himself. George was exhausted – his tank was empty. George wanted to make a contribution to the world and to make a difference in the lives of others, but he was not able to do that since he was not in a healthy place himself. He was living on fumes.

Perhaps you have been there. Maybe you are there now. I know I have been. Read the rest of this entry »

You Want Me to Talk about WHAT .. at MY Age?

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Have the Talk of a Lifetime

I’m a big fan of celebrity funerals. At what other times do funerals get an international spotlight? Not only do celebrity funerals add some glamour to a subject most people dread, but they also inspire people to talk about how they want to be remembered.

When Joan Rivers died in 2014, family and friends described her funeral as the perfect tribute—glitzy, over-the-top and one-of-a-kind. More importantly, it was a cathartic experience that started their transition to life without their friend and loved one. Mourners left the church grieving, but with a sense of exuberance they hadn’t experienced up to that point. Gathering with family and friends to say goodbye to people we love can have tremendous healing power.

Transformative funerals are not just for celebrities, they’re for us too.

Transformative funerals are not just for celebrities, they’re for us too. This begs this question:  how do we as “ordinary” people plan such powerful and significant experiences?  The first step is simple: tell others how we want to be remembered and what is truly meaningful in our lives.

A collection of free tools is available to help us accomplish that goal. These tools are part of a program called Have the Talk of a Lifetime that was created to encourage families to discuss tribute options with one another well before they’re needed. Knowing what is meaningful to loved ones of all ages is the key to planning healing memorials. Read the rest of this entry »

Reasons for Funeral Homes NOT to be on Facebook

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3-16 Rodriguez FacebookIn speaking with funeral directors, OGR has discovered that many are unsure if their funeral home should be on Facebook (read 4 Lies About a Funeral Home Facebook Page).  Amidst the pros and cons of such a decision lies the ultimate question. What is your purpose for being on Facebook? Identifying your social media mission can help with determining whether your firm should have a presence online.

It’s generally easier to come up with reasons not to do something than to come up with reasons to take action. While this blog isn’t meant to be a comprehensive look at having an online presence, it does briefly touch on pros and cons for being online.

Below are a few reasons why a Facebook page won’t work for your business, but also a few reasons for why it might … Read the rest of this entry »

3 Changes Any Funeral Service Professional Can Make

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Funeral Directors as EntrepreneursOGR held its inaugural Young Professionals (YP) event last week and had speakers share on innovation, managing stress, pitching an idea to an employer, and solving challenges in the workplace.

Here are three quick takeaways from some of the sessions. OGR will provide a more comprehensive summary in the coming months.  Read the rest of this entry »