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Have you ever had an idea you’d like to see implemented at your funeral home, but you haven’t known how to get started? Our Young Professionals event on Monday, February 29 will give funeral professionals the opportunity to discuss their ideas and practice pitching them. For those of you who can’t make the event, here are a couple pointers from our presenter Matthew Pollard on how to get started in seeing that great idea realized. We’ve split the advice for employees and employers.

  1. Make Sure Your Idea is Linked to Your Business’s Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).
    Whether your idea relates to opening a crematory, improving staff morale, or streamlining the administrative tasks, it’s important to link your ideas to your KPIs.

    For employees – Before pitching your idea, you must be sure you understand your superior’s motivators.. Their KPIs probably revolve around the performance of their team or department; if you would like to get a clear idea of what matters to their business, simply ask them, “What are the three most important things that our team or department achieves?” Now that you know the answer, you just need to make sure that your pitch speaks directly to that.
    For owners – 
    Does your idea align with your KPIs? Do you know what your key performance indicators are? One way to identify them is to ask yourself what the most important things are that your funeral home achieves. Make sure your idea is linked to those.

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  2. Find Staff Who Will Support the Idea.
    Next you will need to consider what staff support you will need to have your idea realized. You must approach these individuals to make sure they are excited about your concept as well as have the time to get involved.

    For employees – Don’t worry; very little change to this process is required to pitch to team members and it is great practice for your upcoming pitch to your superior.

    For owners – By surveying your staff, you’ll get a better idea of who is on board and who may help in implementing the idea.

  3. Research Objections.
    Employees and employers alike may object to new ideas. How do you counter objections?

    For employees – Think of any other objections your superior may have, and do research on potential solutions. Be prepared to counter every single one, removing any reason they may have to say, “NO.”
    For owners – 
    What concerns might staff have to implementing a new idea? Think through them and come up with appropriate solutions.

We’ll discuss how to successfully pitch an idea next Monday at our YP Event. Not able to make it to Austin? Not a Young Professional? Follow us on twitter as we live tweet the event! We’re over at @goldenrulefh.

matthew_pollard-264x300Content from this article originally appeared in CEO Magazine, February 2016

By Matthew Pollard (The Rapid Growth Guy!)
With five multi-million-dollar business success stories to his name, and a prestigious Young Achiever Award, Matthew has been characterized as a true differentiation, niche marketing, and sales systemization powerhouse.