Month: February 2016

Funeral Directors as Entrepreneurs- How to Share Your Great Ideas

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2-23 Pollard Pitch3

Have you ever had an idea you’d like to see implemented at your funeral home, but you haven’t known how to get started? Our Young Professionals event on Monday, February 29 will give funeral professionals the opportunity to discuss their ideas and practice pitching them. For those of you who can’t make the event, here are a couple pointers from our presenter Matthew Pollard on how to get started in seeing that great idea realized. We’ve split the advice for employees and employers.

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Strategies to Prevent Burnout and Live Balanced Lives

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Untitled designMost of us are saturated with messages regarding the importance of eating “right” and exercising. Often these wellness messages come across as critical and judgmental, making us feel there is one more area of our lives overburdened with things we don’t have time to do. This can end up creating more stress instead of alleviating it! Read the rest of this entry »

4 Lies about a Funeral Home Facebook Page

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“Facebook is for the younger generation.”

“There’s no evidence we’ll get any return on investment from Facebook.”

“Not having a Facebook page prevents families from positing negative reviews of my funeral home.”

“It takes too much time to figure out how to use Facebook for business.”

Do any of these statements sound familiar?  While many funeral homes are already connecting with their families online and providing a space for them to get information, connect with their loved ones, and learn more about funeral service, other funeral home are not. These firms are skeptical about putting any time into Facebook.  Read the rest of this entry »