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When people drive by your funeral home, what do you want them to remember about that brief encounter? At the very least, most owners want to be remembered for something positive like the pink rose bushes that were planted or the beautiful gold doors that were installed. Why? Because your building is a physical representation of your business, and the way you represent your business matters.

But, as many of us know, there are many other ways that people are able to gather a first impression of your funeral home and because of the internet, people are more likely to have their first encounter with your business online. The same way you control what people see when they drive by your place of business is the same way you can have control of what people see when they encounter your business online. 

The most exciting aspect about the virtual world is that it is full of more possibilities for interaction than the physical world is. This means that your online presence is a projection of your real funeral home, and your social media pages and website play a part in how your funeral home is represented. This is why you need to make sure that your Facebook page and other social media pages are truly representative of your funeral home—so that no opportunity for new business is ever missed.

Why Facebook Specifically? social-media-550767_640
Business pages on Facebook have quickly become the norm. Because so many businesses and people are active on this social networking site, Facebook is now used by many people for research and information purposes. However, there are still many business owners who don’t fully grasp how Facebook interactions work and how it can impact their businesses.

How Does Facebook Interaction Work?
Likes, shares and views are consumer interactions which serve as catalysts to a marketing ripple effect. Each interaction with an individual on Facebook opens up the door for another interaction with other members of the public.

Let me explain the ripple effect that takes place using an example from the Above & Beyond social media posts that are posted every Thursday on OGR’s Facebook page, Golden Rule Funeral Homes. These posts highlight responses from families about the exceptional services they received from OGR firms enrolled in the Family Contact Program..

OGR posted the photo below which spotlights positive feedback about member firm Aloia Funeral Home. A family that Aloia served submitted this feedback through a Family Contact survey. OGR uploaded a photo with part of the comment, tagged the funeral home and a few of their staff members, and thanked them for providing exemplary service.

OGR Golden Rule Funeral Home Facebook InteractionOGR Golden Rule Funeral Home Facebook Interaction

This post received several “likes”, which is Facebook lingo for positive recognition. It also received several positive comments from members of the public who were acquainted with Aloia Funeral Home. All of these comments reasserted the idea that Aloia Funeral Home delivers great service and cares about the work they do.

Aloia then shared the post to their funeral home’s Facebook page as did one of their staff members. From these shares, more people were able to see the original photo spotlighting Aloia Funeral Home’s exemplary service and more people “liked” the post and contributed positive comments about Aloia Funeral Home.

OGR Golden Rule Funeral Home Facebook Interaction
What Does This Mean for Your Business?

The comment section on these Facebook posts became ripe with sincere testimonies, and testimonies influence potential customers when they research businesses. The post turned into a conversation about how great the funeral home is. Every person who liked the post or commented on it heightened the chance that their Facebook friends would see and/or like the post.  With each view, post, or comment the possibility for more exposure and interaction was widened.

Have you had similar experiences with positive interaction on your funeral home Facebook page? If so, people who may not have been aware of your funeral home before you posted are now aware, and those who already knew about you are able to form a stronger opinion of your funeral home through the posted content. All of this can be done with limited time and resources through simple interactions with people on Facebook.

Of course, positive feedback from families is not the only content that can be used to make a positive impression of your funeral home. There are also other posts such as inspiring quotes, informative grief articles, photos from community events you’re hosting, etc. that can all contribute to the overall positive impression of your business.   What’s most important to remember is that posting thoughtful content on your social media page from time to time ensures that when someone virtually “drives by” your funeral home, their first impression will be a positive one.

Do you have examples of positive interaction on your social media page?

By Denise Rodriguez,
Publications & Family
Contact Coordinator

Questions about how you can join Family Contact? Contact Denise at drodriguez@ogr.org for more details or visit our Family Contact page.