Month: October 2015

The 10 Most Fascinating Bone Displays in the World

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Ryan Ossuary Cover IMage

As Halloween approaches, we thought we’d highlight some noted catacombs and ossuaries from around the world. OGR staff member Michael Ryan has had the pleasure of visiting an ossuary and shares history and descriptions of unforgettable locations on this week’s blog.

What are catacombs and ossuaries? Read below!

The term catacomb often brings to mind a nightmarish scene of bones piled upon each other in a dark, dank underground space with some menacing presence lurking in a nearby corner. And let’s be honest; such a description may be true of some – especially if you’ve seen the recent horror flick As Above, So Below set in the catacombs of Paris.

However, a catacomb is nothing more than an ossuaryRead the rest of this entry »

Don’t be Hacked! Fight Back.

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Smith Data Header 3It’s been quite the year for hackers – first around Thanksgiving, they attacked Sony, then they targeted the Anthem database in January, went after government security clearance data in June, and breached the notorious Ashley Madison affair website in July.  These attacks embarrassed employees and business owners, put millions of dollars at risk, infuriated customers, and alienated online users.

Unfortunately, these security breaches are just a few that have made the headlines in the past 12 months. (You can see a summary of the world’s biggest data breaches here.)

But it’s not just big businesses that are being targeted. Smaller businesses are just as likely to be hacked as large organizations (See pg. 5 of Verizon’s “2013 Complete Data Breach Investigation”). Think about your funeral home and all the data you have access to – social security numbers, credit card numbers, and other personal information. Do you have policies in place to protect your customers’ information? Read the rest of this entry »

How Can Facebook Interaction Impact My Funeral Home?

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OGR Vander Plaat FH
Vander Plaat Funeral Home in Wyckoff, NJ              Firm of OGR President Bill Brock

When people drive by your funeral home, what do you want them to remember about that brief encounter? At the very least, most owners want to be remembered for something positive like the pink rose bushes that were planted or the beautiful gold doors that were installed. Why? Because your building is a physical representation of your business, and the way you represent your business matters.

But, as many of us know, there are many other ways that people are able to gather a first impression of your funeral home and because of the internet, people are more likely to have their first encounter with your business online. The same way you control what people see when they drive by your place of business is the same way you can have control of what people see when they encounter your business online.  Read the rest of this entry »

“Hello? Can You Tell Me How Have the Talk of a Lifetime Will Help Me Plan the Funeral I Really Want?”

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Where’s the car I was promised that folds into a briefcase? That may be an odd question given the amazing technology that’s been introduced during my lifetime. Computer and Internet magic have far surpassed anything I could have imagined. Still, I’m a little disappointed that some genius hasn’t figured out how to produce the fold-up automobile featured in the 1960s television cartoon The Jetsons. Read the rest of this entry »